Hat Cleaning Tips

July 08,2022

Hat Cleaning tips 1: don't lose the washing machine!


Clothes and trousers can be thrown into the washing machine if they are dirty, but hats are not the same thing, because the brim usually contains a hard lining to keep the shape of the brim rigid, especially in baseball caps and old hats. If you throw them directly into the washing machine, it may deform the whole hat or even fade. Although there is a "hat rack" in the market that advertises that machine washing does not deform, it is suggested to wash the hat by hand diligently to avoid the dilemma that the hat "can't go back".




Hat cleaning tips 2: carefully distinguish the hat material


Before officially cleaning the hat, you must carefully distinguish the material, otherwise, if you wash a hat that cannot be washed, it will be discarded Generally, most common hats are made of polyester fiber or cotton hemp, which has the advantage of convenient cleaning; If it is made of wool commonly used in newspaper hats and berets, it is not recommended to wash it directly, but press it slightly with a wet towel; Leather hats are stubborn. You can only wash them by hand with clean water. After washing, put them in a ventilated place to dry, and then apply special maintenance oil for leather.


Hat cleaning tips 3: put it into a paper ball and put it in a cool place


After washing the hat, it is natural to dry it, but it is not recommended to dry it directly or dehydrate it, because strong torsion will cause the hat to deform. It is safer to put it in a cool place and dry it naturally. Like shoes, the hat cannot be exposed to the sun, otherwise, it may fade. In addition, you can put a few newspapers or towels in the hat to absorb water on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can maintain the shape of the hat without becoming flat and collapsing. If it weren't for the rainy season, it would probably dry in 1-2 days. The rest is to collect and cherish your hat!


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