Soft warm poly fleece beanie with flat embroidery winter hat

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400000 piece per month
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  • material
    100% polyester
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    flat embroidery
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Polar fleece material, suitable for autumn and winter

Function: protect neck, keep warm, reduce age

LOGO process customization: LOGO can be customized according to customer requirements for production and goods, usually computer embroidery, film printing, and some special transfer effects can also be done

Mouscap is a beanie factory with more than 400 experienced workshop workers and advanced Japanese embroidery machine equipment. We have also prepared a large stock of basic beanies, exported to wholesalers or distributors around the world, purchased and shipped back to the local for processing or retail.

Mouscap has 28 years of experience in hat production and processing. We can customize beanies for your brand, events and teams. The prices of our beanies are based on the design difficulty of the craft and the cost of materials. The price is transparent. The price of a hat only earns labor costs and a small company operating price. It is hoped that a long-term cooperation can be achieved and a large number of hats can be produced at a cheap price.

Commitment: to ensure that all hats are of high quality and cheap, and to meet customer customization requirements. Send us an email to learn more about our commitment to hat quality.

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